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PT Lautan Utama Karya Energy is the appointed distributor of Lukoil Marine Lubricants Ltd in Indonesia. We are headquartered in Jakarta with our own spacious warehouse and distribution network, with ready inventory of full range of Lukoil marine lubricants to supply to various ship owners, managers & operators all across Indonesia.


In the following, we introduce the LUKOIL company profile and Reference list. LUKOIL is an oil with a good Base Oil SN 700, German Technology, and has its own Oil Refinery in Russia. LUKOIL is currently the best-selling oil in various countries. (900 Port Overseas) and more than 58 countries in the world. Starting in Indonesia 3 years ago. Around 2014. LUKOIL also has the award of Top Quality Product with OEM Approvals.  Juli 2017 & now continues to grow, now we already have partnerships with several Shipping, Play and Industry Companies And We believe that in 2019 LUKOIL and FUCHS will become the TOP SELLER in INDONESIA. Luk Oil has also collaborated with Fuchs internally for secondary grade supplies such as Multi grade (15 w / 40) applications for engine oil and hydraulic oil, gear oil, both mineral and syntetic compressors and panaoil for domestic (local).


Founded as  " LangepasUraiKogalymneft" in 1991.

One of the world's langest vertically integrated oil and gas companies worldwide.

2012 :  Revenue - US$ 169 Bn

150,000 employeess worldwide.

2nd largest oil company worldwide by  proven hydrocarbon reserves behind Exxon Mobil and ahead of shell, BP, Chevron and Total.

6,500+ service station, 11 refineries, and exploration & marketing activities in 58 countries.

2nd larges producer of Group  I base Oils Worldwide.


PT Lautan Utama Karya Energy a company incorporate under the law at Republic of Indonesia and having its registered office at Jl, Pintu Air IV No. 18, Jakarta Pusat.



Be leading distribution company with in services to achieve our customer satisfaction and create extra value added to the customer needs.



Expanding distribution with quality consistency, best standard services and team works through competitive price, effective, efficient and on time delivery.

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PT Lautan Utama Karya Energy, Jalan Pintu Air IV, RW.8, Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia


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Welcome to Lukoil indonesia

Global partner : fuchs lubricsnts

Domestic partner : panaoil

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    NAVIGO TPEO is a range of extra high quality detergent trunk piston engine oils containing different levels of alkalinity.



    NAVIGO TPEO is a range of extra high quality detergent lubricants recommended for highly rated medium-speed trunk piston engines running on residual fuel with a maximum Sulphur content of 4.5% weight. The total alkaline content has to be in line with the fuel Sulphur content, oil consumption rate, size of oil charge and operating load profile. Hence, the BN level ranges from 20mgKOH/g for diesel generators running mainly at part load up to 50 and 55mgKOH/g for engines with very low oil consumption. The detergency level offers exceptional cleanliness, including the piston undercrown. NAVIGO TPEO is also suitable for plain bearings of turbochargers, for most reduction gears, shaft bearings, stern tube and seals.



    1. Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability and detergency, excellent detergency and dispersancy. Exceptional deposit control including oil-cooled piston undercrowns. Leads to  clean engine parts and spaces. Good viscosity and insoluble control. Optimized oil consumption; longer oil change intervals.


    2.  Extended oil life due to efficient water separating properties and BN retention.


     3.  Rust and corrosion protection.


     4.  Excellent wear protection, including piston grooves.


     5.  Approved by major engine manufacturers.


     Health and Safety

    The Safety Data Sheet is available on request and describes the product in terms of safety in use, handling and transport. The product is not classified as dangerous according to the Regulations 1907/2006 and 1272/2008 or the Directive 1999/45/EC. When used as intended, this product does not pose significant health risks. Repeated exposure may cause skin dryness or cracking. In case of skin contact, immediately wash the affected area with plenty of soap and water. Remove contaminated clothes.


     Handling and Packaging

    The compatibility and miscibility with comparable products from other suppliers have been tested successfully by an independent institute. In order to benefit from full product performance the mixing of lubricants should be limited to a minimum. Trunk piston engine oils should be continuously filtered in accordance with the equipment manufacturers’ instructions. Their service life can be prolonged if the oil is maintained with a centrifugal purifier to remove water and insoluble components. Nevertheless, the oil change intervals of the equipment manufacturer are mandatory. The products are available in bulk and drums of approximately 205 litres.





    Developed to provide superior performance at higher temperature and pressures in modern engines, it is suitable for the lubrication of the latest super long-stroke crosshead engines, and indeed for all slow-speed marine diesel engines burning residual fuels.





    This oil is formulated from high quality base oils with addition of an alkaline reserve to safeguard against acid attack and the higher temperature experienced with oil cooled pistons. It has excellent water separating properties (although water washing is not necessary) and it is approved by all major builders of Slow Speed Crosshead ad Engines. It can also be used in certain ancillary equipment. These include turbo-charges, gearboxes, air compressors, steering gears and oil filled stern tubes.

  • LUKOIL NAVIGO TPEO 30/30 , 30/40


    LUKOIL NAVIGO TPEO 30/30 , 30/40


    The LUKOIL NAVIGO TPEO 30 Series is arrange of high performance modern lubricants for trunk piston engines operating on various grades of residual fuel. The series are fully approved by the entire major engine builder for use in the most highly rated engines operating on poor quality fuel. The NAVIGO TPEO 30 series provides a complete package for cleaner engines, long life and all round superior performance required by all ship operators. Diesel engine performance exceeds for AI CF specifications.

  • RENOLIN 500 Series

    RENOLIN 500 Series

    Cooling oil for reciprocating & rotary vane compressors with oil injection systems



    Especially in the last few years, rotary vane compressors have increasingly replaced the traditional reciprocating piston compressors in the industry. The reasons for this are their light weight, compact dimensions, relatively low noise and vibration free operation, and their reliability. Despite the high precision in the production of the individual parts and low friction clearances, the narrow gaps between the vanes and the casing have to be sealed in order to achieve high pressures. This task is fulfilled by high quality mineral oils. Apart from sealing they also have to carry off the heat generated by the


    working compressor, thus cooling the vanes. As the cooling oil in oil-flooded, oil-injected rotary vane compressors come into contact with the atmospheric oxygen in the compressed air, these oils have to meet a series of requirement. RENOLIN 500 Series meet all requirements demanded of such lubricants. Meets the requirements of DIN 51 506 VDL.



    Provides effective pressure sealing. Very good wear protection. Excellent oxidation stability and aging resistance. Excellent corrosion protection.Good air release properties and low foaming. Good demulsification capacity. Low volatility. Low coking. Good compatibility with elastomers.



    Air compressor lubricants for oil-injected and oil-flooded rotary vane compressors with a compression temperature of up to 110°C. Also recommended for reciprocating piston compressors with air discharge temperatures up to 220°C. As circulating lubricating oil for various applications such as

    vacuum pumps, bearings and gearboxes and hydrostatic drives.



    lubricating and hydraulic oils with high viscosity index




    Proper function and operating safety of hydraulic systems are largely influenced by the quality of the hydraulic medium. In addition to the task of


    transferring forces, the operating fluid must seal, cool and lubricate. Since hydraulic oils are exposed to high stress due to the operating conditions, they have to fulfil a large number of requirements. The oils of the RENOLIN B HVI series are formulated on the basis of highly ageing-resistant solvates containing additives that increase the aging resistance. The products of the RENOLIN B HVI series are zinc-containing HVLP hydraulic and general lubricating oils according to DIN 51524-3. Mineral oil-based, demulsifying.




    RENOLIN B HVI high-quality products are used as hydraulic oil and as lubricating oil for various


    applications like bearings and gear boxes, even when a high viscosity index and good load carrying capacity is required. Especially recommended for applications where a low start-up viscosity at low temperatures and a higher viscosity at higher temperatures is required. Particularly suited to all applications in mobile and industrial hydraulic systems that require the use of an HVLP oil according to DIN 51524-3 with a wide service temperature range.




    • Low foaming tendency
    • Good air release properties
    • High ageing resistance
    • Good corrosion protection
    • Very good viscosity-temperature-behaviour
    • Very good wear protection
    • High viscosity index
    • Wide service temperature range
    • Good shear stability




    • The products meet or exceed the requirements according to:
    • DIN 51524-3, HVLP
    • ISO 6743-4, HV
    • ISO 11158
    • Denison HF0
    • Bosch Rexroth
    • Vickers
    • US Steel
    • Cincinnati Milacron


    Heavy duty - EP - industrial gear oils of highest performance, outstanding extreme pressure characteristics and load carrying capacity.



    RENOLIN CLP oils are premium quality extreme pressure gear lubricants, manufactured from the highest quality base oils combined with extreme pressure additives of the sculpture-phosphorous type. This combination provides very high load-carrying properties and affords maximum protection for gear teeth in severe service conditions.




    RENOLIN CLP Series are recommended for all industrial applications where the machinery manufacturer recommends the use of CLP type oil. Highly-stressed bearings, joints, pressure spindles, spur and worm drive gears are reliably, effectively and economically lubricated even at elevated temperatures. The use of these oils guarantees the quiet and smooth running of machinery along with optimum operational reliability.





    • Enhanced gear wear protection from micro- pitting.
    • Reduced debris denting from generated wear particles.
    • Improved bearing wear protection.
    • Outstanding compatibility with a range of seal materials.
    • Excellent resistance to oil oxidation and thermal degradation.
    • High resstaco to sludge and deposit formation.
    • Wide range of applications.
    • Optimized resistance to rust and corrosion of steel and corrosion of copper and soft metal alloys.
    • Resistance to foaming and emulsion formation.




    • RENOLIN CLP meets the requirements of:
    • DIN 51517-3 (2004): CLP
    • ISO 6743-6 and ISO 12925-1: CKC/CKD
    • US Steel 224
    • AGMA 9005-D95/E02: EP
    • David Brown S1 53.101




    The product of the RENOLIN CLP series (ISO 100 to ISO 680) are approved for :

    • A. Friedrich Flinders AG, Bocholt, Germany
    • Flinders BA 7300, table A
    • Muller Weingarten AG, Germany






    RENOLIT CXI 2 is an optimized calcium sulphonate complex grease based on selected mineral oils. RENOLIT CXI 2 features excellent working stability,

    EP loadability and wear protection and shows good corrosion protection behaviour even in the presence of salt water. RENOLIT CXI 2 has low oil separation, it is water and aging resistant and can be used in a wide temperature range.




    RENOLIT CXI 2 should be used for all lubrication points requiring a high performance concerning water resistance, working stability, EP and AW


    properties. RENOLIT CXI 2 is easily pumpable even in long tubes, fed by centralized lubrication systems. RENOLIT CXI 2 was developed to work under


    severe conditions in plain and roller bearings in steel mills, paper industry, mining, concrete industry, quarries and construction equipment.


    Shelf Life

    The minimum shelf life is 36 months if the product is properly stored between 0°C and 40°C in its unopened original container in a dry place. The indication of a minimum shelf life does not include any guarantee of durability.



    • Extremely good EP properties
    • Good corrosion protection, even in the presence of salt water
    • Water resistant
    • Resistant to aging
    • Smooth structure
    • High working stability
    • Good anti-wear properties
    • Specifications/Approvals
    • Ford ESA-M1C 172-A

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