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PT Lautan Utama Karya Energy is the appointed distributor of Lukoil Marine Lubricants Ltd in Indonesia. We are headquartered in Jakarta with our own spacious warehouse and distribution network, with ready inventory of full range of Lukoil marine lubricants to supply to various ship owners, managers & operators all across Indonesia.


In the following, we introduce the LUKOIL company profile and Reference list. LUKOIL is an oil with a good Base Oil SN 700, German Technology, and has its own Oil Refinery in Russia. LUKOIL is currently the best-selling oil in various countries. (900 Port Overseas) and more than 58 countries in the world. Starting in Indonesia 3 years ago. Around 2014. LUKOIL also has the award of Top Quality Product with OEM Approvals.  Juli 2017 & now continues to grow, now we already have partnerships with several Shipping, Play and Industry Companies And We believe that in 2019 LUKOIL and FUCHS will become the TOP SELLER in INDONESIA. Luk Oil has also collaborated with Fuchs internally for secondary grade supplies such as Multi grade (15 w / 40) applications for engine oil and hydraulic oil, gear oil, both mineral and syntetic compressors and panaoil for domestic (local).


Founded as  " LangepasUraiKogalymneft" in 1991.

One of the world's langest vertically integrated oil and gas companies worldwide.

2012 :  Revenue - US$ 169 Bn

150,000 employeess worldwide.

2nd largest oil company worldwide by  proven hydrocarbon reserves behind Exxon Mobil and ahead of shell, BP, Chevron and Total.

6,500+ service station, 11 refineries, and exploration & marketing activities in 58 countries.

2nd larges producer of Group  I base Oils Worldwide.


PT Lautan Utama Karya Energy a company incorporate under the law at Republic of Indonesia and having its registered office at Jl, Pintu Air IV No. 18, Jakarta Pusat.



Be leading distribution company with in services to achieve our customer satisfaction and create extra value added to the customer needs.



Expanding distribution with quality consistency, best standard services and team works through competitive price, effective, efficient and on time delivery.

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